Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hello to Comics, Part 1: Hello to Comics!

My hometown of New Albany, Indiana, played host to two Winn-Dixie stores in my youth, one in the New Albany Plaza on State Street and one adjacent to the K-Mart on Grantline Road. I anticipated trips to either due to their proximty to stores that sold toys.

That faded after I found the spinner racks. Not that my lust for toys ever vanished completely, as my shelves will attest, but the lust for comics burns over the fire with no flame.

My name is Mark Hale. Using scans of and images from actual comics I purchased in my youth I will document my life as a comic book reader. From the spinner racks to my first comic book shop, from state to state and shop to service.


Ken Lowery said...


Chris Sims said...

Mark, your value to the blogosphere cannot be measured.

Jeff said...

This is the most important blog post of 2008, and maybe of 2007 as well.

Nice to have you back, Mr. Hale.

Alexandra Kate said...

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