Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The call is coming from INSIDE YOUR MIND!

Yesterday I wrapped up reading the first volume of the Jack Kirby Fourth World Omnibus series as well as the first issue of Grant Morrison and JG Jones' "Final Crisis." Were I feeling more eloquent I'd talk about the similar feel the works share, but mostly I wanted to show this panel of Dr. Bedlam letting his fingers do the walking:

Everyone loves Kirby machinery, but there's a simple joy to be had in a panel of a dude with a big pink noggin on a phone, cranking a guy in a green, red, and yellow leotard.

I figure if I want to show the next panel I should explain what's going on. Doctor Bedlam drops something called THE PARANOID PILL into an office building and challenges Mister Miracle to make his way from the top floor, through all the raving paranoid cubicoids, and out through the lobby. Many fantastic Kirby-style freakouts occur, but this fellow on the right is my favorite:

And now it's time for...


Doctor Bedlam
Architect of the Chandler Towers Experiment

Dr. Philip Zimbardo
Architect of the Stanford Prison Experiment



Anonymous said...

Dr. Philip Zimbardo - "I am the MASTER! You will OBEY me!"

Haerandir said...

Good ol' Phil Zimbardo. One of my all-time favorite psychologists. When I was taking high school Psychology, it never failed to weird me out that my textbook was written by a man who looked just like Mephistopheles. His cameo in The Tenth Level was also eye-opening.


Nuts,featuring Good ol' Phil Zimbardo.My brother always thought he looked odd<with neatly dyed black beard_if it is dyed,on late pbs shows.I"ll believe<he"s Jack Kirby character come to life.InfactI bet Darkseids behind PBS.Could it be<all those pledge breaks are apart of his master plan to run the universe ?