Thursday, July 07, 2005

How could they forget Warstrike?

The last few weeks here at Casa Del Mono have been spent caring for my cat Jasmine, who had a tumor removed from her belly in June. She's doing fine, scarring up well, and acting like her normal, bitchy self. It's stressful 'cause she's got one of those little cat brains that can't understand why you're doing all this seemingly awful stuff to them. I'm pretty sure she'll forget this ever happened. At least I hope she will. That cone collar is humiliating even for me. Amelie thinks the scar will make her appear tough to the other cats.

I saw every episode of Dancing with the Stars. Every one. And the ending disappointed me. I'm going to blame it on the flu-like illness I have.

Speaking of television, how goddamned ghoulish are these tv series "R U The Girl" and "Rock Star: INXS"? It might not be so bad if, you know, they weren't using a tv show to replace dead folks. But they are. The worst is the commercial where T-Dog and Chilby say something like "We could never replace Leftover." A commercial for a show where, yeah, they're trying to replace her. No sense of irony, these people. And will the person picked have to change her name to something starting with L?

I've spent my day drinking water and scanning covers for the Grand Comics Database. Ultraverse covers. My nerdity knows no bounds. My cat Jasmine? She's named after a character from John Byrne's Next Men. Toldja. No bounds.

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