Monday, May 24, 2004

Learning to Back a Winner

I have a problem. It's eBay, but it's more specific than that. It's comics, but it's more specific than that. It's even more specific than buying comics on eBay. I've never bought more than, say, 20 comics at a time, in one lot. But I've always had a penchant for series that turn out short-lived, and they seem to get new life thanks to a marketplace like eBay. Sure, I'm surrounded by brilliant detritus already: Keith Giffen and Mike McKone's Vext, Dan Raspler and Dev Madan's Young Heroes in Love, Christopher Priest and Chriscross's Xero, and Priest and James Fry's Concrete Jungle #1 (quite likely the best first issue I've read of anything, ever, and also the only issue of the six-issue series published). But that's all stuff I bought as it came out.

Just what have I acquired from eBay recently? Let's see...

  • Kid Eternity, by Ann Nocenti and Sean Phillips, all 16 issues.
  • Chronos, by John Francis Moore and Paul Guinan, 1-11 (all but #1,000,000)
  • Chase, by Dan Curtis Johnson, JH Williams III, and Mick Gray (still incomplete, damnation)
  • Man-Thing by JM DeMatteis and Liam Sharp, 1-7
  • The Minx, by Peter Milligan and Sean Phillips, all eight issues

    And just today... ah, today: Slingers 1-12, including all variants and the Wizard #0 issue, arrived in the mail. Why? Mostly because I love Chriscross's art. I don't really know anything about the series, other than it was one of Joe Harris's first big gigs, and Spider-Man went crazy for a little while, took on four new costumes and identities, and this is about the kids who take on those identities when Spidey sanes up. Okay, so it doesn't sound spectacular, but I'm a sucker for stories about kids who get powers and abilities thrown at 'em. Also, with shipping, it only cost six bucks.

    My name is Mark, and I love loser comics.

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