Saturday, January 03, 2004

Happy New Thing

Yeah, blecch. None of that crap matters. Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving. I've succesfully navigated Holiday Corridor 2003, having spent a week of said Corridor with Amelie in Miami. Do you know how nice it is in Miami in December? I have bug bites all over me, that's how nice it is. Amelie and I went to the beach Christmas Eve, that's how nice it is. We went to the movies after dark a number of times and didn't have to wear jackets. I immediately began freezing my fucking ass off upon arrival to Charlotte, North Carolina, that's now nice it is In Miami. And now I'm miserable and at home without Amelie. But that won't last for long. I will be moving to Miami to be with my baby sometime soon, someplace warm to walk and talk with her, and nice beaches to sit on and read, and someone to play Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with. It'll be awesome. Hell, I might even get a job, or try to start writing professionally, and maybe even update this thing here.

Amelie and I have fun wherever we go, or even if we don't go anywhere. We spent New Year's Eve -- hooray, bullshit holidays -- watching South Park. "¿QUE?"

And we also went to the Miami Metrozoo and saw monkeys! Well, a gibbon. A white gibbon that spent a good five minutes dangling from a branch and swinging back and forth. And we saw gorillas and lions and elephants and some little horse-looking things that everyone thought were donkeys. The elephants were funny; one of the African elephants was rocking side to side when we got to their area, so Amelie and I started doing the same thing. And one of them started walking towards us! It was a hoot. Her dad says no one knows why they do the rocking thing, but I think it's just 'cause they like to dance and have fun.

But mostly it was nice to be close to Amelie again. It doesn't matter if we have nothing to do, it's still a good time. As much as the two of us enjoy being lazy and sedentary, I'm not sure how we're ever going to get anyhitng done, but hell, what's so great about, like, doin' stuff, anyhow? Nothin', that's what.

I'm gonna go put some Transformers in boxes or something.

Smooches for my kitten.

PS — Look at me, I'm a letterer!

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