Friday, May 02, 2003

Stop Snorting Your Brain

The Flaming Lips love you.


I can't think of a band that has meant more to me over the last few years. And when you go to see them live, they throw a party. Confetti, balloons, people in animal suits, a singing nun puppet, and some of the best music you'll ever hear. And Teletubbies. It's probably one of the better things that's ever happened to me on a Tuesday night, and certainly the best thing that's ever happened to me in Ohio.

Wayne Coyne talks a lot about love, and he means it. I'm not one to get suckered into believing what singers and actors feed me, but this guy is genuine. You can hear it in his voice and in his music. You come to a Flaming Lips show for a good time, and they give it to you. It's that simple. You come to forget your problems for a little while, and it works. Well, it mostly works. My big problem is not having Amelie around, and even though I had a fantastic time, I won't shake that need to have her around till she's actually around. She needs a party, too. She needs to scream the lyrics to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1, croon along with a nun puppet, and sing Happy Birthday for some guy named Russell that maybe five people in the room know personally. I sniffled and sobbed a bit during "A Spoonful Weighs a Ton," 'cause I'm an emotional little guy, I guess. I needed my baby there to laugh at the dancing, wallowing Teletubbies with me.

Singing along with the band was highly cathartic for me. I needed to yell a bit, I think. Wayne gave a little speech before "Yoshimi," about ending up next to "the Enthusiast" at a show, the guy or gal who sings as loudly as possible to every song and doesn't give a fuck about anything. He then asked us all to be the Enthusiast, and sing along to the next song. So we did. And then we sang along to the next song, and the song after that, and on and on. Being enthused is great fun. There's no room for self-consciousness at a Flaming Lips show. Let it out.

I don't know what else to say without recounting every moment of the show, and my sinuses are threatening to pinch the face off my head, so there will be none of that today. But I will say this:

Everyone needs the Flaming Lips.

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