Tuesday, April 15, 2003

The buyin' o' th' green

After an uneventful trip to the dentist yesterday -- as uneventful as a toothscraping with a metal hook can be, anyhow -- I wandered over to Wal-Mart with my family to have a look at whatever fun new toys might be available.
Seems that, even around here, it's hard to get new toys unless you're there as soon as they arrive. The pickings were mostly slim. I blame collectors; I saw a tubby guy pawing at the Star Wars stuff when I arrived. I was in awe of the new Gundam toys, despite the fact that tiny plastic representations of giant robots is kinda silly. I still wanted all the ones on the back of the cards that were, of course, not available. Three Gundam figures to choose from, two Lord of the Rings figures to choose from, about 20 Justice League cartoon Batmans, and a bunch of shitty Transformers: Armada toys was about it. Except for the huge pile of new Ninja Turtles toys they had. They had ONE SHREDDER, so I bought it. Can't recall if I had a regular-pants Shredder "back in the day," but I know I had a Super Shredder. Remember him? From the second TMNT movie? Yup, when Shredder got hit by ooze he turned into... a really shitty toy based on a really shitty movie. Whoops. So, I bought a brand new Shredder, 'cause it looks really cool. His swords are kind of floppy, but his big, bladed staff is neat.
Also, I bought these. Yup. Giant talking foam Hulk hands. I can't put it so lovingly as X-E, so you should read about them. They really are that glorious.
And today I went back and bought the four Turtles themselves. My mom made me. "You should go buy them," she said, "because you'll kick yourself if you wait too long and they sell out." Moms always know best. And they're great looking figures, except for the floppy weapons. Is this a safety thing? Finally some toys from Playmates that don't come with weapons made entirely of brownish-orange plastic, and you couldn't poke through a piece of fresh bread with them, let alone blind your little brother. Kids are being ripped off.
Also, the new Transformers are shitty.

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